We write words that make humans and search engines happy.

Communicate your website’s message with creative, effective content.

Whether you need writing that captures human attention, keywords that make the search engines happy, or a combination of human-friendly and search-engine-optimized website content, we can help.

To create your website, your site developers will ask you for your copy—your words. They’re in tune with look, feel, function, and code. Their job is to make your site look good and work correctly. They aren’t writers, so if you aren’t either, then let a professional handle your website content writing.

That would be GreatWords. Let’s get started!

First, we’ll schedule a conversation. I’ll interview you and find out the most desired outcome for each page. Is it to inform? Sell? Generate a phone call? Build trust? All of the above?

We’ll talk about keywords, but we’ll rely on your website developer to guide us on your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Ask your developer about keyword analysis, and we’ll write content that infuses those keywords into the copy.

We’ll talk about your business and services, what you do best and what you want your customer to know.

We’ll talk about flavor and style. Bankers and surfers speak different languages, so we’ll find out where you are in the spectrum. All business? Casual? In between?

After we talk, the rest is up to…you guessed it…Greatwords!