Professional, creative resumes for your successful job search.

(The most painless process ever. You talk. We go away and write. We agonize over the words and layout. It’s perfect. Done.)

I write professional, creative resumes for your successful job search. Let me unpack that.

Professional layout, professional words: you’ll shine!

Professional means that the resume is laid out aesthetically; it’s pleasing to the eye with plenty of white space and balanced layout. I use an attractive format so that before the manager even reads the thing, his unconscious brain says, “I like this.” I am a professional writer but I also have an eye for good page design. Your resume will look fabulous.

Professional means that every word is carefully chosen for impact. No wasted words, and the words flow  with grammatically correct rhythm and consistency.

I’ve worked with so many different types of people and businesses that I’ve gained a vast familiarity with all types of jobs, so I can write your resume using industry-appropriate language. The language sounds right to the reader’s ear.

A creative approach that says, “Wow, is that really me?”

Creative means that the words not only flow creatively, but I use a creative approach. Using this approach means that my clients first reaction is often, “Wow. Is that really me?”

My method means that you and I will have an hour-long interview to gather information. In this interview, I first gather your facts: where did you work, what did you do, where did you go to school?

After the facts are down, I’ll start my digging-for-gold part of the interview. I’ll pick your brain and discover skills that you didn’t tell me about when you told me the facts. You might tell me that you made widgets at your job, but you didn’t tell me you were the fastest, most efficient widget maker, and that you streamlined the widget line to save time and money, or that you are highly organized and analytical.

My method helps me discover more of your skills and strengths, and helps me write a more creative resume.

Now that I have your work history FACTS and your work-ready SKILLS figured out, I use a hybrid resume style that combines a chronological resume (your job history in reverse order) with a functional resume (your skills summarized). This style presents your most sellable skills FIRST to immediately convey to the hiring manager exactly what you  have to offer. He doesn’t have to study your resume to figure out what you bring to the table. It’s clearly presented in a way that instantly conveys your best you.

After we’re done, you’ll not only have a professional, creative resume, but you’ll also have had a practice job interview and you’ll be ready to hit the job search hard.

This resume will build your confidence. But the truth is, you’ve got a lot going on. You just need it to show up on paper.