Marketing collateral that cuts to the heart of the matter.

Benefit driven, emotionally connected.

Imagine you’re selling a black dress.

The features of the dress are that it’s black, sleeveless, belted, with beaded details around the neckline.

The benefits of the dress are that it’s slimming, alluring, and makes you look stunningly beautiful. You feel great in this dress. (Men, just work with me here.)

When writing words that sell, we want to focus on benefits that grab your target market by the throat. Okay, that’s not exactly the professional words we’d use. But we do want to use words that have your target market reaching for a credit card and landing on the “buy now” button. Or picking up the phone. Or sending in a donation.


This is America. It’s okay to champion shameless capitalism. (And then we can be generous and extravagant givers in return, but let’s gain revenues first, shall we?)

That’s what writing good marketing content is all about. Let’s do it.